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K-9 Protection Training Club

I am Ray Sarkine, training director of Indy Fur Missiles. I trained my first protection dog over 30 years ago. I’ve learned much over the years and I continue to learn and evolve. Training dogs is both Science and Art. I focus on the 4 C’s. –Clarity, Commitment, Communication and Consistency. You need ALL four to be successful.


I am a ‘balanced’ trainer. I utilize a ‘Rewards-based’ approach. My goal is a strong, reliable protection dog who is also sociable. Training to this level requires a tremendous amount of obedience and a step-by-step approach long-term approach.  I specialize in training the Team…handler and dog.  This is the only safe and effective method.


Unfortunately,  shortcuts and brutal approaches are widespread, especially in protection work. And the public can’t tell the difference.  But the difference is HUGE. These methods (when they work at all) produce a dangerous, unpredictable animal and are usually abusive to the dog. Educate yourself and learn the differences before exposing yourself or your dog to these methods.  After all, you don’t know what you don’t know. 

Our Protection Club is a highly-dedicated group who enjoy training and have Fun together but are focused and professional. Some members pursue High level protection sports titles and others only need a basic protection dog.


Finally,  it’s important to have a positive attitude and NEVER lose sight of the special relationship you have with your dog. It’s really true… Dogs feel your emotions right down the leash. 

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